Road in Bwindi will ruin biodiversity

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Posted  Sunday, December 29  2013 at  02:00

Construction of a 9km Kisoro-Kanungu road in Bwindi forest is good for the social development of the community. It will ease transportation of goods, movement of people, communication, etc.
However, there is the risk of destroying the bio diversity during the construction.

Road construction in Bwindi is a strong basis for change in climatic conditions. The trees are helpful in rainfall formation through evapo-transipiration. They are also used by the local people as firewood. Forests are used as grazing grounds for animals.

Though the local leaders insist they want a road to be constructed through the forest, bio-diversity has to be maintained. A road map should be drawn in favour of the tree and animal existence in the forest, especially the endangered species.

Conservation strategies ought to be implemented in-situ and ex-situ, which involves retaining the endangered species in their ecological set up. This could be done in gazetting of tree species and preventing any mass destruction of them. Ex-situ conservation involves removing the species in their ecological habitat and taking them to conservation sites like botanical gardens, seed banks and tissue culture labs to increase their survival.

Conservation of the species has to be maintained during the construction of infrastructure to maintain high species diversity. We the locals need to learn to value the great importance of the nature as we preserve and conserve nature of our parks for the generation to come. A reminder that our aim is to conserve nature for the future generation.

Wonder Areeba, areebawonder@gmail.com