Sleep in Eternal Peace, Mandela

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Posted  Saturday, December 14   2013 at  02:00

It is as with great sorrow as it is with great privilege that I have lived in the times of Nelson Madiba Rolilhlahla Mandela, a man who was clearly larger than life. Mandela’s reverence cannot end with being buried; instead, his legacy will stand firmly inscribed in all our hearts as we remain puzzled on what Madiba was made of!

It is therefore not sufficient to be sorrowful about the passing on of this great world icon. It will be an insult to Madiba’s spirit to pour our reverence to a man who clearly lived what he believed, said, and practiced what he preached, without we ourselves attempting to live on similar ideals.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge through an avalanche of condolence massages from world leaders (Benevolents, Democrats, Dictators and Kleptocrats), but what Madiba would want is a simple “do what is just to all human kind”. This is the massage that would provide a befitting send off to a man whose candle has burnt out but whose ideals will continue lighting our lives.

Prof Augustus Nuwagaba
Makerere University