Stop abusing our environment

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Posted  Tuesday, July 15   2014 at  01:00

Every time and again, power tariffs go up encouraging over reliance on charcoal. Gas for domestic use is too expensive. There is no law compelling producers of plastic bottles to see that they are recycled. In New York, a used bottle taken back is paid for (one cent).
There is no graveyard for dead electronics- computers, phones, TVs, radios etc.
All this is killing the environment. People are also killing environment by littering! Buveera can be seen everywhere! There was a law banning the use of Buveera but it is as if is non existent! Road constructors dig big holes extracting marram but don’t bother to cover up these holes hence encouraging erosion. There is a whole Ministry for environment and Nema comes out only where officials make money illegally! I am sick and tired of this nation!
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