Friday January 31 2014

Stop granting bail

By Rogers Akanyijuka

While addressing judges at their 16th annual conference at the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel in Entebbe, on Monday, President Museveni, in his speech, showed concern about how the Judiciary grants bail to some criminals, for instance, rapists and murderers, ‘unfair judgments or inappropriate and ineffective judgments can cause people to kill each other- by taking the law into their hands.’

On several occasions, hard core criminals have been granted bail by courts of law, something I consider unfair, because it leaves the communities discontented and in fear of re-occurrence of the same crimes. When the voices of the people in society are not listened to, the society resorts to being beastly with a lot of rage, murder, mob justice, and all sorts of inhuman acts to satisfy their emotions and expectations. Taking cases lightly should stop and criminals ought be charged and punished accordingly. ‘He who is once bitten by a snake fears a hole.’

Therefore, strictness in the Judiciary needs to be tightened.
Roggers Akanyijuka,