Stop passing confusing laws

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Posted  Monday, January 20   2014 at  02:00

I have read in your newspaper that Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo has said government has never banned the wearing of miniskirts because there is nothing immoral about wearing them in public. Fr Lokodo reportedly made the remarks when Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi asked him to explain how Parliament passed legislation against wearing miniskirts.

The exchange between Mr Mbabazi and minister Lokodo reminds me of the writings of Juvenal, the last of the great Roman satirical poets, who often denounced the immorality that was prevalent in ancient Roman society and life. He had no nice words about vice, hypocrisy, social structure, the city of Rome, women, vanity, religion and extravagance, among other things.

Condemning marriage, he said it was pointless setting a guard on a wife who might stray ‘as she will doubtless tempt’ and asked: “Sed quis cosodiet ipsos Custodes? (But who is to guard the guards themselves?)”.

Our parliamentarians should ask themselves such questions before they pass laws that are already covered by the Penal Code and which are so confusing that they are difficult to enforce.

JN Kiwanuka

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