Sudan must deal with ethnic tension

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Posted  Tuesday, December 24   2013 at  02:00

Regional leaders should move fast and diffuse the rising tension in Juba. While the current political muscle flexing within the Sudan People’s Liberation Army was anticipated right from the time of independence, it has all the signs of degenerating into a full scale rebellion. Sudan is composed of various militias that were not fully integrated and ideologically absorbed into SPLA/M. Furthermore the allegiance of these militias is unknown.

Perhaps, most importantly, president Salva Kiir has effectively suppressed internal debate about how to manage the affairs of this new African state, thus in absence of internal discussions within the SPLM/A anything can happen!

While external pressure is welcome to diffuse the current crisis, it will be leaders within the SPLM/A, to solve their own problems. South Sudan is riddled with ethnic tensions between the Dinkas and other small tribes. President Kiir must accommodate these other tribes in his government, if the country is to have durable and sustainable peace.