Thursday September 4 2014

Take environment issues seriously

Ian Ford Ntale’s gossip on John Ken “The Man” (29/8/ 2014) is a unique brand of satire. He exaggerates facts to formulate gossips. Words should carry their literal meaning even if they are humorously used.

Ntale characterised me in the gossip as a self-professed environmentalist who has fought relentlessly to conserve the environment. My commitment to the environment is not merely professed. What I am by character sketch has a huge bearing on the environment and I am proud of what has been done so far. In law, it would therefore be unfair comment for one to refer to me as a self –professed environmentalist.

In the Oxford dictionary of the Environment and Conservation (2001), Chris Park defines an environmentalist as a person who works and engages in activities that are designed to protect the Environment from destruction and pollution. I must have achieved far beyond what Chris Park envisages.

Not many a person would know that I am the founder of the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda. My mission through those clubs was to inculcate a natural desire of wildlife Conservation among young people so that the same persons can guard the Wildlife Resource wherever it is found.

At the Global scene, I have also achieved. I am the recipient of the East and Central Environmental Leadership Award in honour of my efforts to save Lake Victoria from herbicidal sprays in the fight against the water hyacinth. I have also forstered forestry development under the Pan-African Greenbelt Network in the company of the late Prof. Maathai Wangari in Eastern Kenya.

I recently published a book titled Nature’s Talk to man- 20 years of Kabaka Mutebi II. I have also analysed the constitutional implications of oil production in Uganda through the Makerere University Law Journal 2012.

I do not know of any house which I have built in a wetland. Let us be serious. The kabaawo office I hold is found in a small town and is not in a wetland. Mind you, not every wet area is necessarily a wetland if it is not so by gazettement. Nakivubo Stadium is wet, but is it a wetland?

John Ken-Lukyamuzi, MP
Lubaga South and President General Conservative Party