Tuesday February 25 2014

There’s need to explain the new law

The Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Fr Simon Lokodo should clear the confusion over the Anti-Pornography Law as soon as possible. Since the signing of the law, taxi drivers, bodaboda riders, etc, have taken the law into their own hands. They have resorted to undressing women claiming that they are indecently dressed.

Is it lawful to render any one naked amidst protest, moreover women, what morals are we then inculcating in the young whom we are claiming to be protecting? This is disheartening and it must be addressed. I support the law but undressing women is wrong. These thugs do not only stop at undressing women but go on to steal their bags.

Regarding the same law, why are pornographic movies still being watched in film halls and sold on streets? The public has misinterpreted the law and I call upon the minister to rescue the situation.

Roggers Akanyijuka, aroggers068@gmail.com