Tuesday January 7 2014

To Uganda police: Have you heard about the ‘Ki-face Squad’?

By Henry Kahumah

I have kept quiet for some time, hoping some day the Uganda Police Force will swing into action and deal with the gangs in the city known as the ‘Ki-face Squad’. This squad, made up of mainly youth, operate around the city centre, stealing from city dwellers.

I witnessed an incident where a man’s iPhone was snatched as members of this squad stabbed him. Many women have been victims of these criminals, especially as they withdraw money from ATM’s. One time, a woman’s handbag was snatched and when a police officer tried to recover the handbag, he was mobbed by members of the gang and roughed up!

City traders who can clearly identify these ‘Ki-face Squad’ boys allege that some have been arrested on many occasions but are released in less than a week.

Gone are the days when petty robberies were managed by the public through mob justice, but when Police as an institution is unable to provide protection to the public, what are citizens supposed to do?
Police should consider deploying more officers to the streets before this squad turns into an untouchable ‘rebel force’!
Henry Kahumah,