Saturday July 26 2014

To fight youth unemployment, invest more in sports

By Simon Peter Jamba

Wayne Rooney is English and a Manchester united fooball player who earns £300,000 per week. Usain Bolt is an athlete who earns at least $10,000 for participating in an event.

That amount excludes winning bonuses. Back home, Stephen Kiproitich, is now becoming a house hold name that everyone talks about, because of his heroics in th 2012 London Olympics.

All the above examples add up to one thing; professional sports is a venture worth taking. In Uganda, youth unemployment is high.
Considering that many youth have talents, government should change direction.

They (government) should invest in sports, by developing the existing infrastructure like the stadia they own and stop selling sports fields to investors.

The high altitude training centre in Kapchorwa District should be worked upon in the shortest time possible. They can even go a step further by removing all taxes on imported sports equipment, or better still, increase the annual sports budget.

This will help many youth to start earning a living through sports and other add-ons like product endorsement and adverts.

With the above done, they will not only provide an escape route from the rampant unemployment problem, but also sell Uganda’s name abroad thus developing tourism.

Simon Peter Jamba,