Friday August 8 2014

Top public offices must be audited

By Janet M. Gaweera

I refer to the story in the media which reported that legislators want the Auditor General‘s office audited. This is a welcome recommendation that is long over due.

As best practice, auditors of public offices must be audited to validate their objectivity, ensure professional integrity and guard against arrogance.

The current assumption that the Auditor General’s office cannot be audited, encourages flaunting of the law with impunity.

It is indeed a concern that the Auditor General’s office, which has reported numerous cases of inflated costs for services and infrastructure from public institutions has a building inflation cost of 36.4 per cent.

This anomaly should not go unquestioned and should trigger vigilance in auditing our top most offices .

The Auditor General’s office is a public office like any other but, its mandate makes it imperative that it should lead by example and strictly adhere to procurement and any other laws.

Janet M. Gaweera,