Wednesday February 26 2014

Training MPs to use iPads is a waste

Recently, at least Shs1 billion of taxpayers’ money was spent to procure iPads for all Members of Parliament. This was a huge national waste, because MPs are paid enough to afford their own iPads!

Now to add insult to that injury, we must spend more money to train the MPs how to use the gadgets! Needless to say, some MPs will fail the training! Another avoidable waste! It is also important to note that by the time the present MPs master how to use the iPads, their parliamentary duty will be coming to an end!

This eye opener experience should give Ugandans chance to set minimum standards for those who intend to serve in our next national assembly. Below are my suggestions:
An MP must posses a valid driving permit, be computer literate, own an iPad, must have ever studied or at least visited Kampala prior to election, demonstrate ability to overcome the cultural shock associated with rural-urban migration!

I am convinced that the above simple measures will go a long way in saving taxpayers’ money wasted on training MPs to master tasks that other ordinary Ugandans consider routine!

Watiti Masokoyih,