Saturday January 4 2014

Tribalistic leaders are fuelling the South Sudan crisis

We South Sudanese students in Uganda are totally affected by the ongoing war at home. We no longer get money for tuition, hostel accommodation from our parents and yet we don’t have money to go back home.

I, therefore, appeal to all Students who are going back to South Sudan to put the knowledge they have acquired into use and stop being manipulated by tribalistic rebel leaders.
We shall not keep on tolerating violence in our newly born nation. As president Salva Kiir has already stated, history and the people of South Sudan will judge who should leave Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.

Those behind the crisis have already defined themselves when they made an attempt to take power during dark hours instead of waiting for national elections. I thank Uganda a lot for the support, hospitality and freedoms they give us during both good and bad times.

In South Sudan, we have a saying “ jok dom hen ba raan die ting” meaning that it is only when you are sick health that you get to know who truly loves you” and we have seen that Uganda loves us.

We shall keep on polishing the spirit of neighborhood and African-hood. Long live the pearl of Africa . Long live the Republic of South Sudan.

Wol Wek Ariech, Cavendish University Uganda