Unfair power tariffs

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Posted  Wednesday, December 11  2013 at  11:52

It is absurd that Umeme has turned Ugandans into cows that it mercilessly milks through increased power tariffs. We are bleeding and Umeme does not seem to notice. Umeme has obviously become a bottomless pit that will never be satisfied until it eventually swallows up the impoverished Ugandan

Despite the fact that various dams have been commissioned over the years, the ideal would have been reduced tariffs. The continuous increase in power tariffs by Umeme reflects a state having more concern for revenues than improved welfare for its citizens.

Uganda has set a standard of increasing tariffs almost every year in total disregard to the rampant poverty levels in the country. The recent Chronic Poverty report revealed that the gap between the poor and rich has widened.

Therefore the increase in the tariffs will go a long way in widening the gap further. One would at least have expected government to use the subsidies to increase salaries for teachers or even provide lunch for UPE children. However, that does not seem to be a priority to our leaders.

Is the decision to increase power tariffs promoting the greater good and least harm to the majority of the citizenry or vice versa? How have other countries been able to increase power production without greatly burdening their citizens?

Cissy Kagaba,
Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda