University staff should take over catering services

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By Sandra Birungi

Posted  Thursday, July 17   2014 at  10:18

Makerere University is at it again. Vice Chancellor John Ddumba Ssentamu says he is implementing University Council directives by transferring the responsibility of students’ feeding to service providers. The campus has a limit to the category and number of ‘externalities’ it can handle. The hitherto ‘sacred’ ground is now desecrated, demystified by all manner of ‘suppliers’. Boda boda riders know every nook and corner of the campus. This must be revisited.

Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) should take over the provision of catering services, recruit and employ students willing and able to work in the system. The arrangement has several winning points for the Hill, including income for the students and MUASA, the investors. Students working at the MUASA catering services will earn skills and money. We need a transformative university.
In the same line, Uganda Police Force needs to establish a construction and maintenance unit to build decent houses for police officers.


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