Tuesday January 21 2014

Upgrade of roads benefits all Ugandans not just the President

By Jessy Ofwoni

The Daily Monitor, of January 15, published a comment by Charles Onyango-Obbo titled ‘The secret to Museveni’s 2016-2021 schemes lies in Tororo-Mbale Road’ He said the construction of Tororo-Mbale Road, and Mbale-Soroti Road, is just another strategy that President Museveni will use to sway the people’s vote in his favour in 2016.

The scale of both the road works is such that they can only be completed in early or mid 2015, but this does not necessarily mean that the President is planning on using them as a key to open the door to another term in office! Onyango-Obbo wrote, ‘The 2016 Museveni is, therefore, going to be throwing roads, a refinery, and regional trade at voters. And they could convert into as many, if not more, votes for him as in 2011.’

However, I beg to differ. These roads will surely improve the trade between Uganda and South Sudan, which will lead to economic growth in the region, something that is advantageous to all Ugandans.
As a Ugandan, I would wonder, if Obbo is waiting for the government that is in power, to embark on rebuilding of these roads in 2016, which for many years, he claimed, ‘looked like the surface of Mars’.’

Jessy Ofwoni,