Wednesday January 15 2014

Uphold Mandela’s fight for freedom

On a cold winter afternoon I received the sad news of the death of the beloved Nelson Mandela; looking around, I could not find anyone to share the sadness with. Nobody around me apparently knew the person I was talking about. I calmed down till I got home and shared the news with my family.

Mandela was a great person and leader, and we owe him enormously as a generation that is enjoying the freedoms he fought for; that’s why - however much I may be saddened by his death, I still celebrate his life.

I wish/hope that our generation, the generation that has emanated from the presence of these freedoms, never forgets his struggles but instead upholds and learns from them so that we may make the world/Africa a better place. That should be our tribute to Mandela. May your soul rest in peace. Goodbye Madiba.

Moses Kasozi,
Twitter @mklubega