Victims of domestic violence should seek help, counselling

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Posted  Tuesday, December 24  2013 at  02:00

Although men too are victims of domestic violence. Women are more likely to experience every form of violence and to experience it more frequently than men. It may happen to your mother, sister, daughter, friend, colleague or neighbour. Domestic violence happens to all kinds of people; rich or poor alike.

It affects individuals, families, and communities around the world everyday. Domestic violence insults the victim’s dignity, violates their rights and causes them serious physical and psychological harm and suffering. It also brings unhappiness and ill health to the entire family.

Victims of domestic violence should not be blamed. They do not bring this misdeed upon themselves although some people think the provoke the abusers. Therefore all victims deserve help and protection from their abusers.

Stellah Nakibuuka, stellaacademics@gmail.com