Wednesday February 24 2016

Violent protests achieve nothing for the long term

By Lazarus Ohasa

Let us stop concentrating on momentary sensations, but instead re-direct our energies to real timely issues, ideas, and broad spectrum ideologies. There is always a better way to deal with our issues before hand and a better perspective of looking at them other than violence. Let’s keep away from violence as much as we can for it is not good at all.

I am not simply compelling you to lose keenness of sight on our domestic issues that are certainly quite enormous and appealing, but am rather encouraging you to always choose dialogue in case of any dissatisfaction of whatsoever sort.

Let us be positive thinkers, heroic, noble-hearted, pure, brave and loving. Let us cherish a healthy self-image, for there is no value judgement more important to man than the estimate he passes onto himself, your pro-active voluntarism will be of paramount importance towards attaining a violence free society.

However, indulging in violence is not the only catastrophe that has hit the youths today, there are as well many more issues that have robbed the youths of their precious time, treasured energy and peace of mind, they include, drug abuse sexual immorality and hopelessness.

These are by no stretch of imagination more grave than the aggressive behavior of violence for they have serious repercussions. Let us all reject these myth of our generation and shine a light on our tomorrow.
Lazarus Ohasa