Monday September 1 2014

We can manage fire outbreaks

My attention has been drawn to reports of frequent fire outbreaks in school dormitories and markets. The fact is that fire outbreaks in schools, homes and business premises can be avoided if the government was concerned about it.

One of the most effective ways is to work out standards of health and safety and educate people. In most countries, there are watchdogs to monitor and ensure the laid down procedures and laws are strictly enforced.

Fire is very easy to prevent once one carries out risk assessment by identifying: a) hazard - something with the potential to cause harm and b) risk - the likelihood of harm occurring. One can then calculate the risk and work on control measures. We should not have many fires in schools when we were taught the fire triangle in primary school.

I propose that we should look beyond Parliament and let every local authority in Uganda pass its own rules for effective management of incidents such as fires.

Abubakar Ssemmandwa