We should learn to be tolerant

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Posted  Tuesday, December 31  2013 at  02:00

I read Sandra Birungi’s article in the Sunday Monitor with regard to Buganda premier Peter Mayiga’s pronouncement during a Mass at Rubaga Cathedral that the Kabaka is set to visit Kayunga. Birungi says the premier should not have made the announcement in church but on other fora, like the kingdom radio station.

To say a cathedral, whose existence Buganda Kingdom and Baganda at large immensely contributed to, should not be used to announce what is happening in Buganda is to be intellectually dishonest, intolerant and disrespectful to Baganda as a whole. I beg you, Birungi, to be tolerant or you have the option to walk out if the announcements annoy you.

Joseph Kayemba,