What happened to the plan of rehabilitating institutes?

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Posted  Saturday, February 22   2014 at  02:00

The former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Sports, Mr Francis Lubanga, wrote a letter in July 2012 to the principals of five technical schools. These are: Iganga, Arua, Kiryandongo, Mubende and Nyakatare technical Institutes. He also sent a copy of the same letter to the Secretary to the Treasury, all RDCs, LC5 chairpersons, area Members of Parliament and Chief Administrative Officers where these technical schools are located.

In this letter, the PS explained to them that our government had secured a loan for the rehabilitation and expansion of the above technical institutes from the government of South Korea. This was in line with government’s programme of “Skilling Uganda”.

The preliminary work was to begin in October 2012 and the official work on the sites was to begin in July 2013 and be completed in September 2014. In fact, some visitors from South Korea even visited these institutes. I saw them at Mubende Technical Institute and they met us the stakeholders. They told us that they had also visited the other institutes.

In Mubende, there is nothing on the ground to show that this project will start soon. I was informed that even in the other Institutes, no work has started. Currently, Mubende Technical institute is in a sorry state and many students who are posted to study there on government grant do not turn up for studies when they visit and see the poor state of the school buildings.

So, can the current PS explain what happened to this project? Why is it taking so long to start? The letter I am referring to is No: EPD/141/298/01.

Leonard Kakinda,

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