Monday February 10 2014

What is KCCA doing about boda bodas?

The high and seemingly increasing number of boda boda cyclists in Kampala city has, in my opinion, led to a rise in traffic offenses. The more boda bodas operate in the busy Central Business District, the more road and traffic laws are broken because most of the cyclists do not respect traffic regulations.

Anyone who has been to the city centre must have witnessed the recklessness with which boda bodas manoeuvre congested city roads, often breaking traffic rules by passing anywhere and everywhere; they take wrong and dangerous turns and, as result, cause accidents. You will also notice that they consider traffic lights an inconvenience to be ignored, thus causing unnecessary confusion for other road users.

Sometime back, Kampala Capital City Authority embarked on an exercise to register boda bodas in order to streamline their operations. What became of that exercise? If it was concluded, what measures did the city authority take? As it is, proper planning is urgently needed to bring order to the city by way of reorganising the boda bodas in Kampala.

Kenneth Ntege,