Wednesday February 13 2013

When will traders be compensated?

By Bosco Bukomba

The Kenyan government promised to compensate businessmen and women who lost property during their post elections violence in 2007.
Uganda National Chamber of Commerce told all Ugandan traders who lost property during the violence to provide proof by submitting necessary import documents. We submitted our claims with supporting documents. In 2008, we were called upon to verify and confirm the same which we did. Unfortunately, to-date, we have never been compensated.
Uganda National Chamber of Commerce should explain to Ugandan traders what happened to the promised compensation. Was the Kenyan government serious or should we lose hope?
We pray that this time peace will prevail during and after elections next Month. I advise fellow Ugandan importers to consider using the Dar es Salam route, to avoid losses in case of violence.
Bosco Bukomba,