Thursday January 9 2014

Where should we turn for healthcare?

It was reported in the Daily Monitor yesterday that Feddy Among, a senior nursing officer at Alebtong Health Centre IV, had died at Lira Regional Referral Hospital from labour complications. The fact that a senior nursing officer can die at a regional referral hospital of what seems like excessive postpartum (post delivery) hemorrhage is a loaded vote of no confidence in our public health service delivery regime.

Nurses are disease fighting warriors, and a senior nursing officer is a high level commander in that army. The senior nursing officer has at her/his disposal foot soldiers consisting of nursing officers, enrolled nurses and midwives, nursing assistants, nursing students and cleaners!

Yet Among fell on the same battle field where she has been gallantly fighting the enemy her entire working life. If she had been working for a different ‘army’, Among’s probably high risk pregnancy would have been promptly detected and her delivery arranged at Mulago National Referral Hospital or even abroad!

But that is the fate of a health worker. You deliver specialised health services but there is no one to give you that expert service when you need it. The death of Among should serve as another eye opener.
Rest in peace Among. You have probably died in vain!

Watiti Masokoyih,