Monday January 20 2014

Why should the President do work of vetting committees?

The move by Education minister Jessica Alupo to send names of eight finalists to the President for selection of a final candidate for the position of Uganda National Examinations Board Executive Secretary is the strangest thing of the month. Eight candidates is a shortlist( some would say a long-list). What then would be the relevance of the vetting and interviewing process?

Education is a frontline ministry and we get worried when we see such developments. Appointment by the President is basically procedural/nominal. It is merely endorsement, not selection, not short-listing as the minister now wants him to do. And if the highest score is not the criterion, what else is? Isn’t this what gives us leaders? The candidate having scored the highest, is hereby declared the winner. The interview is in this case the electoral college. The candidate they vote highest is the winner.

We need to give this exercise and the entire examination process/system the seriousness it deserves. Else, we continue to dilute our already diluted education. The influx of students from neighbouring countries should not blind us to chest-thumb that our education is the best. It is merely cheap - the reason anyone with a modest income in Kenya, for example, can afford to send their children here.

Concerned citizen