Monday November 13 2017

Why we celebrate World Science Day

world science day


By Karl R Sentongo

The World Science Day for Peace and Development or simply referred to as the World Science Day is annually celebrated on November 10. The purpose of the day is not to celebrate science, but rather to raise awareness on the benefits of science to society. On this day, scientists and science centres of excellence engage in debates with the public, demonstrate and help people to understand the importance of science in their daily lives, and stress the responsible use of science in bringing about development. It is a day for you to ask and appreciate why nations (Uganda in particular) invest so much in scientific studies.

From the early years of evolution, man experimented with fire and carved tools out of stone. Today, science permeates all aspects of life that our only option is to embrace it. Some people have argued that if you want to destroy a nation, you take away its science. Do you ever imagine life without electricity, Internet or antibiotics? We rely upon science to detect and prevent catastrophes, cure diseases and connect with loved ones. The list is endless.
Countries across the globe are banking on science to alleviate emerging social ills such as climate change, and disease to bring about sustainable development. Many governments worldwide also take advantage of the day to affirm their commitment toward supporting scientific innovations for social transformation.

The word science is derived from a Latin word Scientia meaning knowledge. However, modern science could be defined as a body of knowledge that systematically endeavours to analyse and understand the workings of nature. Popular scientific fields include Physical science (Physics, Chemistry), Life science (Biology), Formal science (Mathematics) and Social sciences (Sociology, Psychology).
Accordingly, with science held in high regard, the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) established the World Science Day for Peace and Development Day at the general conference in 2001 on the recommendation of the 1999 world conference on science. The day was first observed in 2002.
You are, therefore, encouraged to make acquaintance with scientists or scientific activities in your community for an in-depth understanding of your surroundings. Science will only continue to thrive with the support of a well-informed society.

Happy World Science Day!