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Let maize farmers suffer, they’ll become stronger and smarter

Uganda’s maize farmers were caught out by the weather. It is something they could have prevented by checking the many free long-term weather forecast platforms on the Internet...

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Wed Aug 08 11:27:14 EAT 2018

On Kabaka Mutebi’s 25th, I think of his grandfather Mwanga

Mwanga died at the tender age of 34 (or 35 depending on the record). By that time he had 16 wives, but that was nothing compared to his father Muteesa I’s 85 wives...

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Wed Aug 01 12:00:00 EAT 2018

Tongue-in-cheek: Goodbye age limit, long live Museveni

If you look around Africa, leaders who have been in the chair for that long have almost never been ousted at elections or by courts...

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Wed Jul 25 11:10:00 EAT 2018

Kayihura is a hated man – the more reason he deserves justice

There is no person alive in Uganda today who has been abused and humiliated by the NRM machine more than Besigye...

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Wed Jul 18 01:39:00 EAT 2018

The ‘Museveni Class’ is going, going, gone (Part 2)

While the anti-colonial struggle was hard and dangerous, and they faced formidable European powers, it’s also true that the idea of colonialism was dead...

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Wed Jul 11 01:07:00 EAT 2018

From Ethiopia’s Abiy to Museveni: What’s going on in Mother Africa?

Historically, assassination attempts in Africa have been the one event that have turned leaders into gangsters...

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Wed Jul 04 01:58:00 EAT 2018

‘Social media tax’ not the smartest way to skin a cat

Some tech trend analysts have, therefore, projected that Uganda could be a hotbed of one of the largest anonymisation movements in the world...

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Wed Jun 27 06:54:00 EAT 2018

Uganda memo: The road to ‘heaven’, passes through sin

Uganda, let’s say we are a “mess”. But that has its advantages. Ask the chaps who hold events like the Nyege Nyege Festival. Some of the incompetence and care-free culture we see in Uganda has...

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Wed Jun 20 05:30:00 EAT 2018

World Cup’s unhappy Africans, and my other favourite things

The main differences among the peoples of the world are cultural, and racial (even though that it is an unscientific thing) and how in turn that informs their philosophical outlook, the way they...

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Wed Jun 13 01:11:00 EAT 2018

Yellow man Abiriga killed, just as Museveni shows sign of ‘softness’

Some hapless innocent fellows, all beaten up, will be paraded before cameras for public relations reasons...

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