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The politics of blood in Uganda – and a song

There is actually a very good song everyone knows about this approach to issues...

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Wed Feb 14 02:34:00 EAT 2018

State should stay the hell out of people’s gardens and ranches

I can see accusations being made that it’s because President Museveni is a rancher...

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Wed Feb 07 02:00:00 EAT 2018

The death of Mowzey Radio: Behind the shock and emotion

Radio’s death, if the insights from the outpouring of commentary on Ugandan social media tells us anything, was unsettling because it epitomised the fragility of present day for young Ugandans at...

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Wed Jan 24 07:00:00 EAT 2018

Uganda’s boda boda: From the humble bike ‘taxi’ to gangsters

In the case of the police, one would have thought that the concerted effort over the last 15 years to militarise and politicise it would by now have turned it into a crude weapon of repression and...

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Wed Jan 10 07:24:00 EAT 2018

Of kings and presidents-for-life in this Republic of Uganda

The opposition to chopping up the Constitution, election rigging, and regime excesses in the south has taken two very distinct – and seemingly contradictory – trends in central Uganda (i.e....

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Wed Jan 03 07:08:00 EAT 2018

Africa is changing. How far is Uganda behind?

But all these three Big Men, were eventually overtaken by the changes in regional and international forces, and blindsided by shifts in domestic political dynamics. It would take half this...

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Wed Dec 27 07:36:00 EAT 2017

Age limit Bill: Finally, they held Luweero’s last funeral rites

In the bush, and early in power, Museveni railed against Africa leaders who cling to power – until early 2005 when his tone changed, ahead of the scrapping of the two term limit...

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Wed Dec 13 06:24:00 EAT 2017

Want to see new connected Africa? Go to Wandegeya

According to a recent authoritative report, while France is the top destination for African students, the numbers are declining. Otherwise, the second leading destination for African students is...

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Wed Dec 06 07:52:00 EAT 2017

Uganda is building roads, but will they lead to ‘Rome’?

Kenya recently responded dramatically. In addition to unconditionally ending pre-arrival visas for Africans, it removed work and resident permit requirements for East Africans. Soon any East...

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Wed Nov 29 07:22:00 EAT 2017

Obasanjo letter’ to Museveni and Africa’s President-For-Life Club

In Uganda, meanwhile, our own good Yoweri Museveni is following in the footsteps of Mugabe, and continues to do his president-for-life dance, after nearly 32 years in State House...

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