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The Cranes have already won the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations

I have a delightful controversial and cantankerous dentist friend in Kampala, and he had an example of this phenomenon...

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Wed Jan 11 02:00:00 EAT 2017

War, peace, and food: Uganda tries, fails to out-run its shadow

In the Teso region, former minister of Defence Peter Otai and his comrades, started the Uganda People’s Army (UPA) rebellion...

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Wed Jan 04 02:00:00 EAT 2017

As we open 2017, Ugandans are unlearning everything they’ve known for 54 years

The gloves were off. It was nasty. But there were also some very valuable insights. Among the things that struck me were two...

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Wed Dec 28 02:00:00 EAT 2016

Coffee man Rugasira, a new world, and the election that disappeared

Rugasira probably unnerved Kigongo and her camp with his sleek social media campaign...

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Wed Dec 21 02:00:00 EAT 2016

Uganda ‘in outside countries’ – Chameleone, busuuti, kanzu and how others see us

And now away from the road, to music. A Kenyan friend’s son is so madly in love with Chameleone, that when his “Wale, Wale” comes on TV, there must be silence in the house ...

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Wed Dec 14 02:00:00 EAT 2016

When you see Museveni walking on the road at night…

The photographs of President Yoweri Museveni walking across Mpologoma swamp bridge on the Mbale-Tirinyi road at dusk, to headline his new “war” on environmental degradation, were a little strange...

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Wed Dec 07 02:00:00 EAT 2016

What? How can a soldier lose an election happily as in Gambia? A Ugandan answer

The events in The Gambia last week, surely, are a feast for thought. Yahya Jammeh, an eccentric, half-insane soldier who seized power 22 years ago, held an election. It was a free election...

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Wed Nov 30 02:00:00 EAT 2016

Massacre in Kasese, and lessons what we can learn from the 1966 Buganda crisis

Before the slaughter in Kasese at the weekend, in which some reports allege that as many as 95 people could have been killed in clashes between security forces and Rwenzururu King Mumbere’s guards...

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Wed Nov 23 02:00:00 EAT 2016

Some bad ‘tribal days’, but the better side of Ugandans will still win out

The Directorate of Public Prosecutions has now murder charges against Matthew Kanyamunyu in connection with his alleged recent shooting of Kenneth Akena...

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Wed Nov 16 02:00:00 EAT 2016

Trump has been on the way for 20 years. Let’s welcome him

As President Barack Obama said ahead of the US November 8 election, whatever the outcome, the sun would rise the next morning...

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