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The ‘roads’ to a rich Uganda in 2030 are there – right here

This should be, surprise, surprise, President Yoweri Museveni’s problem – or opportunity, because it could actually be a grand solution to a potentially existential crisis he is facing...

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Wed Sep 12 13:00:00 EAT 2018

Museveni’s long speech, and the untold stories of China

Given as it looks like something is about to give in Uganda, it was worth the slog to get a sense of where the President’s head is...

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Wed Sep 05 12:10:00 EAT 2018

Okot p’Bitek, Fugard’s ‘The Island’, and Museveni’s Uganda in 2018

I might be wrong, but I have not read so many statements online by Ugandans saying the torture episodes and beat down of innocent by-standers and journalists over the Bobi Wine events made them...

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Wed Aug 29 09:11:00 EAT 2018

Museveni needs a lunch date with Uganda’s single mothers

More than 10 years ago, Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) data in Uganda was reporting that 17 per cent of children were living in a mother only family...

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Wed Aug 22 12:14:54 EAT 2018

The #FreeBobiWine wave, and signs of hope in the madness

President Museveni claims army doctors have told him that Bobi Wine has no chest or back injuries, or broken bones...

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Wed Aug 15 06:53:28 EAT 2018

Let maize farmers suffer, they’ll become stronger and smarter

Uganda’s maize farmers were caught out by the weather. It is something they could have prevented by checking the many free long-term weather forecast platforms on the Internet...

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Wed Aug 08 11:27:14 EAT 2018

On Kabaka Mutebi’s 25th, I think of his grandfather Mwanga

Mwanga died at the tender age of 34 (or 35 depending on the record). By that time he had 16 wives, but that was nothing compared to his father Muteesa I’s 85 wives...

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Wed Aug 01 12:00:00 EAT 2018

Tongue-in-cheek: Goodbye age limit, long live Museveni

If you look around Africa, leaders who have been in the chair for that long have almost never been ousted at elections or by courts...

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Wed Jul 25 11:10:00 EAT 2018

Kayihura is a hated man – the more reason he deserves justice

There is no person alive in Uganda today who has been abused and humiliated by the NRM machine more than Besigye...

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Wed Jul 18 01:39:00 EAT 2018

The ‘Museveni Class’ is going, going, gone (Part 2)

While the anti-colonial struggle was hard and dangerous, and they faced formidable European powers, it’s also true that the idea of colonialism was dead...

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