‘The Hitler of Africa’

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Posted  Wednesday, August 20   2003 at  15:44

Idi Amin Dada’s regime has been described as one of the bloodiest in Africa’s history and most of the books written about him and his regime focus primarily on his brutality. Some are fictitious stories but most are narratives of people who lived in Uganda during Amin’s reign. This is a look at some of the reviews of the books that have been written about the man who one author calls the Hitler of Africa.

A list of other books that have been written on Idi Amin Dada.

Idi Amin (History’s Villains) By Tamra Orr

General Amin By David Martin

Idi Amin Dada: Hitler in Africa By Thomas Patrick

The collected bulletins of President Idi Amin as taken down verbatim by Alan Coren and published weekly in the pages of Punch By Alan Coren

I love Idi Amin: the story of triumph under fire in the midst of suffering and persecution in Uganda By Festo Kivengere

After Amin, The Bloody Pearl By Michael Lewis Richardson

Uganda Holocaust By Dan and Barnett, Ray Wooding

Idi Amin: Death Light of Africa By David Gwyn

Uganda: The Asian Exiles By Thomas Patrick Melady

I was Kidnapped by Idi Amin By Nefta Enzinga

War in Uganda: the Legacy of Idi Amin By Tony Avirgan

Uganda, the fall and rise of Idi Amin; From the pages of Drum

The White Pumpkin By Denis Cecil Hills

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