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Mayoral candidate Edward Francis Babu talks to journalists after casting his vote at All Saints Cathedral voting centre. He said the former Mayor Nasser Sebagala has been behind the electoral malpractice.

Mayoral candidate Edward Francis Babu talks to journalists after casting his vote at All Saints Cathedral voting centre. He said the former Mayor Nasser Sebagala has been behind the electoral malpractice. PHOTO BY YUSUF MUZIRANSA 

Posted  Wednesday, February 23   2011 at  18:10

In Summary

The 2011 election for LC V Chairpersons and Mayoral (LC III) Chairpersons. Our online team and field reporters across the country will provide you with round the clock updates on all events taking place throughout this voting day until the announcement of final results. Also follow us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts: -

2100 EAT: Four opposition flag bearers in the 2011 presidential elections will tomorrow, February 24, hold a press briefing at Youth Sharing Hall Nsambya. At the press briefing, the four candidates, Kizza Besigye, Olara Otunu, Nobert Mao and Samuel Lubega, will issue a joint statement.

1800 EAT: Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, says that in Gulu District, five stuffed ballot boxes were reportedly found in Lalogi Sub County. Writing on his facebook page, Mr Mao adds, “Another shocker is that those whose names were missing from the EC Register during Presidential elections are now on the register. The election officials say, ‘this register is different from the one used for presidential elections.’ What a charade!”

1730 EAT: The former Member of Parliament for Mawogola County, Issa Ntumwa, has been arrested by the police and detained at Ssembabule Central Police Station for allegedly inciting violence. Mr Ntumwa was arrested at Lugusuru SubCounty whil he was leading a group of pro-Herman Ssentongo youths who were said to be carrying clubs and barbed wire rolls. Also arrested was Steven Kabula from Kyamenya village and John Mugunga of Ntente Village. Mr Ssentongo, the incumbent Ssembabule District LC5 chairperson, who is running on the independent ticket, is tussling it out with the NRM flag bearer, Dr Elly Muhumuza, to retain his seat in a highly contested election.

1644 EAT: At least 10 people in Iganga District have been arrested over involvement in election related violence. The accused claim to be agents of Patrick Kayemba, an independent candidate contesting for the district LCV seat. They were arrested in the morning from Igombe Sub County armed with sticks and stones. Mr David Manzi, the district police commander of Iganga, confirmed to Daily Monitor the arrest of the 10 people.

1640 EAT: Elections for the district chairpersons and councilors in Bukedea were conducted with some polling areas experiencing violent scenes and allegations of intended ballot theft. Richard Otim reports that sources in the district say in Kachumbala Sub County where the NRM flag bearer Wilberforce Tukei comes from, ballot papers were allegedly recovered from some people.

The polling stations of Kotia Mukongoro, Akwarikwar, Kakere Aligoi and Kongatuny primary school were among those affected by election practice. In a number of the polling stations across the district cases of massive ballot stuffing were reported and suspects apprehended.

1650 EAT: There has been a much lower voter turn up in the whole of Lango sub region during this Local council election compared to that of presidential election. Rain also briefly disrupted voting in Kole and some parts of Oyam. Hudson Apunyo reports that in Lira Municipality, voting started after 7am in most polling stations and voters have been trickling in throughout the day. Very few voters had cast their votes by 3pm at Lira Modern Primary School where there are three polling stations. Lira Modern II (A-A) polling station with 650 registered voters had only 170 who had cast their votes.

At Lira Modern III (B- Z), out of 514 registered voters, 115 had cast their votes and at Corner Kamdini, out of 827 registered voters, 140 had cast their votes. Voters continue to trickle in and there was no queue compared to that of presidential election where voters stood in long lines to wait for their turn to vote. Similar turn up pattern have been reported in Kole, Amolatar, Oyam, Otuke, Alebtong, Dokolo and Apac districts. There has been no major incident of irregularities reported at the police in all the eight districts of Lango. PRO Central north Henry Alyanga said he has talked to a number of officers and they have not recorded any incident in their stations.

1646 EAT: A polling official from Mayuge District has been arrested for driving in the same vehicle with a candidate in the ongoing LCV elections. Ms Juliet Nabirye, 30, a polling assistant at Ddwaliro Zone in Mayuge town council, was arrested by the District Security Officer. Her offence was to accept to be transported in the same vehicle as a candidate running in the same election that she was supposed to oversee.

1605 EAT: The District Registrar of Amuru District, Paul Waneki, says his office has nullified results from six polling stations from Okwalongwen Sub County, Dokolo County in Amuru District where massive rigging is reported to have taken place. “Any one with complaints can go to the courts of law which have the mandate to order for recount of the results,” said Mr Waneki. At one of the polling stations, although there are 700 voters, the results from it had 7,000 cast votes in favour of Okot Ogong.
Final results earlier declared by Mr Waneki gave Mr Ogong victory in the election with 22,563 votes while his runner-up, Paul Amoru, got 17, 096 votes. Nelson Okolamong of the UPC got 497 votes and Pius Echari Obote of UFA 208 votes.

1550 EAT: Police has heavily deployed in the South Western region as the elections for the LC V Chairpersons are being conducted. The regional Police Spokesperson, Ms Polly Namaye, says they have not experienced any chaotic scenes.
“The people are calm and no cases of electoral offences have been registered so far,” she said. “We will keep monitoring the whole exercise.” In Kabale District, the police and army presence was felt in all parts of the district. By 12.30pm, no electoral offence had been reported to police.

1548 EAT: Before voting was called off across the entire Kampala, a scuffle was witnessed at Kapeka Polling station, which is located near Super FM in Rubaga Division. The polling station was eventually closed off by the Police boss of Kampala Metropolitan Area, Andrew Sorowen, following alleged unregistered voters overrunning the voting centre.

Robert Mwanje reports that at around 10am, people were ferried in lorries to this polling station to take part in the voting exercise. However, these voters are not registered in this area. This prompted some voters from the area to pick up canes and start beating up every suspected ‘foreign voter’. Among those beaten were two journalists Lydia Nabaziwa of Bukedde and Nicholas Bbale of Channel 44.

Voting came to a standstill as the voting materials, particularly the boxes, were vandalised and squashed and ballot papers hidden inside Super FM radio. Police were heavily deployed to curb the situation in the area that had broken into rioting while Mr Sorowen suspended voting – long before the Electoral Commission eventually came out and called off voting in the entire city.

1403 EAT: There is heavy deployment of police and military in and around Kampala city in an apparent effort to prevent the simmering chaotic situation after incidents of ballot stuffing were reported in different polling stations in the city centre. Risdel Kasasira reports that in Kawempe and Rubaga, where rigging has been reported, police and military are patrolling the areas to prevent clashes between supporters of rival mayoral candidates Erias Lukwago and Peter Ssematimba. At different polling stations in Mbogo and Kirokole zones in Kawempe, long lines of military and police are patrolling the areas. In Rubaga, police have surrounded Super FM and closed Kapeka polling station after allegations that voters were being ferried from far places to vote.

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