Biraaro to fight homosexuality

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Presidential candidate Benon Biraaro. File Photo 


Posted  Thursday, January 7   2016 at  10:57


Presidential candidate Benon Biraaro has promised to fight homosexually at a regional level after failed efforts by Uganda as a country.

Maj Gen Biraaro said if elected president, he will take a regional approach with the East African Community (EAC) partner states against the practice since a lone fight by Uganda will lead to international isolation and embargo.

The candidate was on Tuesday speaking to residents of Masaka and Kalungu who wanted to know how he will tackle the challenges in society such as immorality, poverty and intimidation by the crime preventers.

He said EAC states can easily come together for a common cause against homosexually up to the level of Africa through the African Union.

In February 2014, President Museveni signed into law the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that spelt out tough penalties against gay people.

At the public signing ceremony, the President declared he would not allow the West to impose its values on Uganda.

However, six months later, the Constitutional Court declared the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into an Act a nullity.
Mr Biraaro assured Ugandans that his Farmer’s Party of Uganda is committed to improving the wellbeing of people through improved agricultural production and security of their property and lives.
He promised to demobilise the crime preventers “because they have become crime promoters.”

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