Friday January 8 2016

Blame your MP, Museveni tells Rukungiri

President Museveni at a rally in Rukungiri

President Museveni at a rally in Rukungiri Stadium, Rukungiri District yesterday. PHOTO BY Colleb Mugume 

By Perez Rumanzi & Colleb Mugume


President Museveni has blamed poor service delivery in Rukungiri District on Opposition leaders who he claimed undermine his plans and fail to remind him of issues affecting the voters.
“You people of Rukungiri you beat yourself, now it’s one or two terms, I have never seen your person (MP), because there is a movement [NRM]caucus where we meet to divide the national cake, some take this others take that… yours is never there,” President Museveni said.

He was speaking at his last rally at Rukungiri Stadium in Rukungiri municipality. Rukungiri Municipality is represented by Mr Roland Mugume Kaginda of FDC. The municipality is a new constituency (created in 2010) having been carved out of Rujumbura that has been represented by Rtd Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi since 1996.

The President said the MPs have failed to bring up local issues making him concentrate on key developments like roads and electricity. “Because I love Rukungiri, the big ones I know; power I know, roads I know and I have become your representative. But there are the little ones I can’t know, like the boda bodas have done this, that needs an MP to bring them to me. There is a girl I brought here as an RDC Nakamya (Harriet now RDC Kanungu), she brought some people to me but this all should be done by your MP, I know national issues and he should know the small ones,” the President said.

Mr Museveni avoided commenting about his opponent Dr Kizza Besigye who hails from the district. As he spoke, some youths and women dressed in NRM party colors numbering to about 300 started moving out of the stadium flashing FDC symbols but the three gates of the stadium were closed by security agents not allowing anyone to move out.

voices from rukungiri

“It is ridiculous that President Museveni wants to block other candidates, especially Besigye, from moving and exercising their rights. He wants to move freely when he is here yet he does not want Besigye to visit his home and interact with neighbours,” Boniface Buhaburwa- mechanic

“When the candidates are here, it brings us a good business opportunity, other than that for us as Rukungiri we have our candidate and it is Dr Besigye, Museveni is wasting his time here,” Jacenta Banturaki- Business Women

“The situation here is just scary, there are military people everywhere, where I slept there were about five soldiers and it is an open place, there is police everywhere. I don’t know if we are under attack,” Asingwire Ruth- Banker