Thursday February 18 2016

ICGLR team arrive to monitor today’s poll

By Stephen Otage


A team of election observers comprising Members of Parliament from the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) member states arrived on Tuesday to monitor today’s polls.

According to Prosper Higiro, the secretary general of the Conference, the team is here at the invitation of the government. He said an advance team was deployed in the country over a month to oversee processes in the election cycle.

Mr Higiro said a transparent and free and fair election would provide a credible result for a legitimate government. “As you may be aware, Uganda is a member of the ICGLR and is signatory to its protocol meaning it has to be subjected to all these processes which ensure transparency and democracy in electoral processes in the Great Lakes region,” Mr Higiro said.

He said the African Union charter on governance states that all the member states should promote transparency and democracy during elections.
He noted that since 2013, the team has conducted similar missions in Angola, Tanzania, Central African Republic and Rwanda where they have observed elections and analyzed the results.

According to Christian Shukuru, the communications officer, the member states of the ICGLR include Sudan, South Sudan, DR. Congo, Congo Brazaville, Angola, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi and all have contributed members of parliaments from their national parliaments who form the observer mission.

The team is also here to assess the level of implementation of the ICGLR protocol on democracy and good governance in relation to the national constitution and relevant Acts regarding the organisation of elections and eventually assess if the election was conducted in a feer and fair manner, reflecting the will of Ugandans.