Tuesday November 3 2015

Kampala vendors follow money at campaign rallies

By Nelson Wesonga

Vendors from different parts of Kampala are streaming to the different venues where at least two presidential candidates are scheduled to address rallies.
Many have already positioned themselves close to the entrances to these venues, such as Kololo Airstrip and the Nakivubo Stadium.

And, like many a businessperson out to maximise profit, many are selling the items at twice their usual prices.
Along Wampewo Avenue on the fringes of Kampala, the vendors are selling plastic horns, roast nuts, NRM/Museveni–branded hats and T–shirts, shirts, baseball caps, ice, water, miniature umbrellas and whistles.

A vuvuzela, which would normally cost Shs3, 000 has been increased to Shs5, 000. On the other hand, used baseball caps that should cost Shs1, 000 have been hiked to Shs2, 000.
Only the price of roast groundnuts remained unchanged, at Shs500 for a handful and Shs1, 000 for twice that.
The Kampala Capital City Authority law enforcement officers, who usually chase vendors off Kampala’s streets because vending on the streets contravenes local laws, are not around this time.