Monday February 1 2016

Mbabazi reassures youth on jobs plan

Amama Mbabazi

Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi campaigns in Ibanda District recently. PHOTO BY FELIX AINEBYOONA 



Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has said during his time as president of Uganda, he will create more than 500,000 jobs for the youth in order to reduce unemployment.
Mr Mbabazi said this while addressing hundreds of his supporters at Kyenjojo playgrounds in Kyenjojo Town last Saturday.

Mr Mbabazi said: “I will create several projects at the sub-county level, introduce silos and granaries, create cooperative societies at a village level and establish banks at every sub-county that will give loans with no interest and collateral security.”

Currently, youth unemployment stands at more than 75 per cent, according to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics abstract.
In his manifesto, Mr Mbabazi says jobs for the youth will mainly come from the advanced sub-county model where he intends to create more than 320 jobs per sub-county through job creation initiatives like community banks, the Grid Tied solar power initiative where those who use solar power will have the chance to sell their excess power to the national grid.

More than 32,000 jobs lie vacant in public service because of a ban government put on the recruitment of public servants. Mr Mbabazi promises to lift the ban.

“We shall institute a review on the ban on recruitment by ministry of public service and commit to reorganise government prioritise in order to finance the full wage bill and to fill all vacant positions in public services,” his manifesto reads.

Meanwhile, at the rally, Mr Mbabazi also promised to pay all the bank loans for every Ugandan and the source of that money will be withdrawn from the Shs275 billion State House budget.
Mr Mbabazi also promised to increase teachers and police salaries. He also promised to construct the Kamwenge-Kyenjojo road.

The numbers
Number of jobs Mr Mbabazi hopes to create with the advanced sub-county model.