Tuesday July 15 2014

I am in it for the money - escort girl

By Esther Oluka

I met Jane* at her two room rented apartment in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb, to do this interview. I was amazed at the number of things she had in her room despite her being only a university student. She had a medium sized fridge, a flat screen television connected to DSTV and very plush sofa sets. She was very open during our chat but when I told her that I wanted to take her picture as well for the paper, she shook her head from side to side vigorously and said a firm no. “Do you want me to lose business? She asked.” I can share my story but no taking pictures.

Here is what she had to say about being an escort girl:
“My name is Jane. I am a university student and will be graduating next year. I started working as an escort girl during my Senior Six vacation. This was after my best friend, Claire, introduced me to her agent. I was skeptical working as one but after she told me that the pay was good, I gave it a shot and have never looked back. My clients are from both within and outside the country and these include mostly lawyers, bankers and politicians. Most of them are men above their 30s.
Normally, after being briefed by my agency on which client I am escorting, I ensure that I have an outfit ready. The occasion dictates what I will wear. My handbag essentials are normally a pair of black flat shoes, make up, a spray, money (not less than Shs100, 000) and a pair of female condoms.
When I am going to meet a client, I get a special hire to take me up to where he is. I usually accompany them to mostly parties organised both within and out of town. While on these outings, I am often quiet and will only speak when necessary. I do this in order not to embarrass myself easily in front of other guests. Some of the clients will be kind enough to introduce me as a friend while others will simply not say anything about me. In fact, these particular ones would prefer I sit quietly in some corner as they socialise at the function.
But I am never offended since I know that some of them are married and would not want anything to jeopardise their relationships. At the end of an evening, I usually prefer to find my own means back to my place. I either use a taxi or a special hire. Even when some of the men insist on dropping me, I refuse out of fear that he might decide to rape me. The majority of them have, however, often asked for sex at the end of an event.
I have turned down some of the offers and accepted others. The men that I have so far slept with are the ones who are very attractive and are willing to pay for it. Like one South African client who was in Kampala for a three-day workshop who paid me Shs6m after I slept with him for one night. Otherwise, I am paid depending on how many clients I escort in a certain period of time. If I have escorted three times in a week, I can get about Shs800,000. I spend much of my money on clothes and shoes. Sometimes I can be unfortunate and not get any client in a week or even month. Whenever this happens, I do nothing but wait until the agency calls me. I have never turned down any client that the agency gives me because I do not want to disappoint my boss.
Since I take this job seriously, I never involve any of my friends or family members whom I have even never told what I do. Whenever any of them asks me how I make my money, I lie and tell them that I do some work for different organisations around town that pay me in the end. One of the things that I have always ensured to do is never to drag a friend along when I am going out with a client. This is because I do not want them to end up judging or betraying me by telling other people. Since I am so secretive of what I do, I have never asked anyone to try it out, the way Claire asked me.
The only people that I at times let accompany me are other escort girls from the same agency and this is only during instances where the client does not mind me bringing someone along.
The thing about this escort business is that once you are already in, the money involved and travel opportunities make it very difficult to pull out. Some of the clients have taken me to countries such as Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. I will only stop being an escort after graduation and have saved enough money to open up my own salon or boutique. For now it is all about the money.”

Who is an escort?

A female escort, normally employed by an escort agency is hired as a temporary companion by a male client for a stipulated amount of time. She may stay with the client or travel along on a business trip or a holiday. While the male client may pay a fee for booking her, he may go ahead and negotiate any additional fees or arrangements directly with the escort for any other services that are not provided by the agency involved and this includes providing sexual services.

Shs 6m
the amount of money jane* was paid when she slept with a client

Shs 800,000
the amount jane* says she makes in a good week