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The ‘Switzerland of Africa’

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Kabale landscape

Kabale landscape  

By Robert Muhereza & Chrisogon Atukwasize

Posted  Thursday, November 7   2013 at  02:00

KABALE- Kabale was the seat of the former Kigezi District Administration. Its history dates as far back as 1889 when Uganda was still a British protectorate and was nicknamed ‘Switzerland of Africa’ because of the hilly nature and coldness.
It was consequently split into the four districts of Kabale and Rukungiri in the 1970s, and later Kisoro and Kanungu.

Bakiga are the predominant inhabitants of Kabale. They occupy the counties of Ndorwa, Rubanda, Rukiga and Kabale Municipality, the largest urban area in Kigezi.

Apart from being known to be the home of the stout and majestic, bold, and hard working Bakiga ethnic group, Kabale is also defined by green, interlocking and heavily-cultivated hills that range from 1,219 metres (3,999 ft) to 2,347 metres (7,700 ft) above sea level.

It covers a land area of 1,864 square miles and has a population of about 600,000 people as projected from 2002 population census.

The district is home to the highly endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park, and of the world’s most endangered birds such as the African hill babbler, cinnamon bracken warbler, chubb’s cistocola, doherty’s Bush shrike, malachite sunbird, Yellow belled waxbill, olive thrush, streaky seed eater, common stone chart, and grauers rush warbler.
Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa is found in Kabale.

Movers and shakers

Dr Placid Mihayo is the Executive Director Kabale Regional Referral Hospital. He turned part of the TB ward into a maternity ward to create more space for expectant mothers.

Shaka Ssali is the host of Voice of America’s Straight Talk Africa, which airs every Wednesday on local TV station, WBS.

Mr Adios Kyomukama is the district natural resources officer. He is known for his advocacy for sustainable utilisation of natural resources, especially tree planting campaign.

Mr Adrian Ndemere is the director African College of Commerce. He pioneered opening of private schools in Kigezi Sub-region. Ndemere proposed to the government for funding.

Augustine Rukiika Bujara is the town clerk Kabale Municipality. He is known for his quick implementation of the council resolutions and government programmes.

Benjamin Turyahikayo is the director National Teachers College, Kabale. He is one of the founder members of Kabale University. Turyahikayo, a cadre of the NRM party, has conducted cadre courses.

David Bahati is the MP Ndorwa West Constituency and the Chairman Kabale Parliamentary Forum. He was the head of finance at the population secretariat before he joined politics in 2006.

David Tibemanya is the senior hospital administrator at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital. He has ensured that the staff missing on the government pay roll are reinstated.

Edmand Tumushabe is the clerk to council and is the secretary district land board. He is known for his timely handling of the demands of the district councillors and settling of land wrangles.

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