The melting pot that Tororo is

Tororo. Tororo District in the eastern part of the country, comprises rural sub-counties, two divisions and two town councils

Thursday September 19 2013

Tororo  is situated approximately five kilometres

Tororo is situated approximately five kilometres (3.1 mi) southeast of the central business district. It is reported that Tororo Rock is visible from anywhere in Tororo District. There is saying in Tororo: “The Eiffel Tower is to Paris as the magnificent Tororo Rock” is to Tororo District. The rock is a major tourist attraction. The highest altitude of Tororo Rock is 4,865 feet (1,483 m). On the rock’s slopes are ancestral caves and various rock paintings. Photo by Joseph Omollo 

By Joseph Omollo

Non-governmental organisations have helped the district a lot. They have boosted provision of social services, advocacy of human rights, and construction of infrastructure. The key players in this include Plan Tororo, MIFUMI, Africa 2000, World vision, The Aids Support Organisation, Uganda Orphans Development programme, and Child Development cooperation. Uweso, Tororo Civil Society Network, Nagongera Youth Development programme and Benedictine Eye are the others.

Size of population: 468,096 people

Size of the district: 1,211 Square kilometres

Who is who in Tororo?

Emmanuel Osuna, Distrct Chairperson

. He is the first person to serve for two terms as Tororo District chairperson and says he has set his eyes on the 2016 race. He is popular for pushing for better services and for introducing mandatory feeding in primary schools.

Akol Akichot
She is the vice LC5 chairperson for Tororo. Ms Akol Akichot is regarded as an iron lady for her efforts in restoring order whenever matters in the council go out of hand. Mr Osuna’s deputy is instrumental in implementing policies.

Jackson Oboth Oboth
He is the MP for Budama South constituency. Before joining politics, he was holding the portfolio of regional state attorney based in Mbale. He is ever at his constituency to monitor government programmes.

Alfred Obore
Mr Alfred Obore is the LCIII chairman for Malaba Town Council, the town that borders Kenya and is a gateway for imports and exports. Mr Obore manages more than 10,000 people in the busy town.

Sarah Opendi Achieng
She was the first female woman councillor before joining the race for Tororo Municipality MP seat in 2001 but lost. Ms Achieng would contest for the district Woman MP seat to send her to the 9th Parliament. She is the minister of State for Primary Healthcare.

Damulira Kyeyune
Mr Kyeyune is the Resident District Commissioner. He was once the LC5 chairman of Mukono District and also contested for the Mukono South MP seat in 2006 but failed.

Vitalis Oswan
Mr Vitalis Oswan is two years old in the district as the Chief Administrative Officer. He has forced all sub-county chiefs to reside within the sub-county headquarters as a measure to check absenteeism and late-coming. Mr Oswan was once a district commissioner.

Geoffrey Emokol Opuwa, Mayor
He worked as an accountant in the district until his retirement in 2010. He joined politics in 2011 to become the municipality’s mayor. Mr Opuwa manages several businesses in the town.

Pastor Ruth Kawah
Pr Kawah is a member of the pastors and elders forum and heads several boards of governors bodies in various education institutions in and out of the district. She is the first Samaritan to start an orphanage centre in the district with more than 400 orphans and vulnerable children.

Stephen Moses Owori, Tieng Adhola
Kwar Moses Owori, the king of Tieng Adhola, was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour in the 1970s. He was crowned king upon restoration of chiefdoms by the NRM government.

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