Friday January 24 2014

Achon undecided on next move

By Sande Bashaija

KAMPALA-Julius Achon is in a dilemma. He is unsure of his next move in the bid to become Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF) president.

“I feel very aggrieved and ready to seek redress in court. But again, I love athletics and I know the repercussions of the court case might do a lot of harm to the sport,” Achon revealed last evening. After being locked out by UAF, the 1994 world junior (1500m) champion was on Wednesday allowed to contest for the federation’s presidency following National Council of Sports’ intervention.
He, however, argued that NCS erred by allowing UAF to go ahead with tomorrow’s elective assembly at Lugogo. “Under the prevailing circumstances, there is no reason I should contest. UAF has manipulated the system and I also need time to mobilise delegates and sell my manifesto to the fraternity,” the two-time Olympian noted.

“Some people are insisting I should go ahead and contest but I don’t think it is right. We need to streamline things for us to have credible elections.” NCS asked UAF to present to them a cleaned up delegates’ register and election guidelines but it was not clear whether what they handed in by the close of yesterday’s deadline ticked all the boxes.

“I have been just told that the secretariat has received the guidelines and a list of delegates,” NCS chairman John Bosco Onyik said last evening. “But I haven’t looked at the documents physically. But I am told there are 43 districts on the list. If no further complaints come up concerning the delegates, the assembly should go ahead.”

Achon insists most of the delegates were handpicked by UAF.