Thursday July 25 2013

Parents reap from Kiprotich’s 2012 Olympic Games success

Kiprotich’s parents can’t wait to enter the

Kiprotich’s parents can’t wait to enter the house above. Below is Kipsiro’s house nearing completion. PHOTO BY ALLAN CHECKWECH 

By Sande Bashaija


In a couple of weeks or so, Stephen Kiprotich’s parents will move into a new house.
The 81-year-old James Kiptui and Kopkop Cheptum, 61, have the runner to thank for delivering them from their current mud and wattle structure.

Although age is getting the better of the father, Kiprotich’s mother is over the moon. She feels owning such a house is one of the best things to ever happen to her.
“I thank God for all this,” Cheptum said, “It is unfortunate it has come when am very old but I am very excited.”
Before Kiprotich won Olympic gold last year, his parents were living miserably, wallowing in poverty.
But it is now clear things are better for them after the runner’s achievement in London prompted President Museveni to pledge the house.

Museveni also gave Kiprotich Shs200m, adding to the runner’s several other financial tokens from different companies.
“God is great,” Cheptum said, adding that the UPDF construction unit were making final touches on the house. After he stunned Kenyans Abel Kirui, a two-time world champion and Wilson Kipsang to take the marathon gold in 2:08:01 in London, Kiprotich became one of the most sought-after marathoners in the world.
In April this year, he was signed up by London Marathon organisers.

There, he finished sixth and racked up close to Shs60m in prize in arguably the toughest London Marathon in recent times.
The 24-year-old is now back in Kenya preparing for next month’s World Championships in Moscow, Russia. In case he triumphs over the 42km distance, he will return with a Shs156m prize. Yet, he also pockets an undisclosed amount monthly from his kit sponsors Nike. Things can only get better for the parents.