Amoding, Flirsh seek first wins

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Posted  Friday, February 8   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

Flavia Oketcho will not take to the court as she has been down with a bout of malaria.


Team Legends vs. Flirsh (7pm)
Team Kasewu vs. Amoding (8pm)
Team Malinga vs. Ikong (9pm)
Team KB08 vs. Enabu (10pm)


After losing 44-39 to Team KB08 (Komakech) last weekend, Team Amoding will be seeking their first win at the third Castle Lite Friday Night Lights at YMCA court this evening.

Amoding, whose team is making a debut in the fun-filled basketball bonanza, will be hoping that her teammates including Uganda Christian University’s star Sudi Ulanga and DMark Power’s Jeff Omondi can rise to the occassion.

Earlier on in the night, Team Flirsh will be hoping they can become the first woman-led team to win a game in the history of the event. “I have a good team capable of winning,” said Flavia Oketcho.

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