Country Manager Bukenya quits rugby union post

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Posted  Sunday, June 29   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

Bukenya cited the on-going policy confusion and a clear cut lack of strategic direction by the current rugby union executive committee.”


Jacob Bukenya is quitting his position as Uganda Rugby Union (URU) country manager after resigning this week at the worst possible time for the game here.

In his letter, Bukenya, cited “the on-going policy confusion and a clear cut lack of strategic direction by the current URU executive committee.”

He continues, “that has left me with no option but to painfully relinquish my services to the sport henceforth.” His one-page June 23 letter is addressed to the URU president.

In a small case of semantics, the URU head is a chairman and the position is currently held by Andrew Owor, who was elected last year to replace William Blick. Owor accepted his decision on June 25 by appending his signature on the letter.

Bukenya, a professional procurement manager, joined URU as office manager in 2008 following a selection process conducted by Price Water House Coopers (PWC).

A year later, he was elevated to country manager on a three-year contract which was renewed in 2012 and still had a year to run as the time of the resignation. He is the union’s accounting officer and his exit is the start of a three-month transition window with the job bound to be advertised soon.

This has happened at probably the lowest phase for the game as the national team – the Rugby Cranes – was recently relegated to Africa Cup tier 1C, a slide from 1A in just 12 months.

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