Thursday March 6 2014

Otim cleared to leave Nkumba for Sport-S

By Clive Kyazze


Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) president Sadik Nasiwu has told Nkumba to let their star player Dickens Otim join Sport-S.

Nkumba and Sport-S have been wrangling for Otim’s signature since the transfer window opened on January 1. While Otim made it clear he wanted to play for Sport-S this season, Nkumba refused to clear their captain till the transfer window closed on January 31. “People should just swallow their ego and let the player go where he wants to go,” Nasiwu told Daily Monitor.

“We can’t hold a national team player at ransom for a full month. I know am stepping on people’s toes but I have to execute my duties as the president for the good of volleyball,” he added.

Otim played his first tournament for Sport-S last weekend, leading them to the Ndejje Open where he tormented Nkumba in the final.
But even after the tournament and Nasiwu’s directive, Nkumba still insist Otim is their player.
Nemostars, Sky and KAVC were also interested in the player.

Age: 28
Position: centre blocker
National Cups: 9
Other sports: Handball, football, triple jumb
2009: National Club Championship with Nkumba Navy
2011: National Volleyball league with Nkumba Navy
2010: Uspa volleyball player of the year
2011: Uspa volleyball player of the year
2011: UVF most valuable player
2012: UVF most valuable player