Tuesday February 11 2014

Ssentongo regrets having changed clubs, own poor attitude


Kampala- For the basketball faithful, there are little or no prizes for knowing, who Brian Ssentongo is and even less if any for appreciating his talent.

What is still a mystery though is how the player that showed so much promise not so long ago has still remained in the shadows of those that inspired him.

For starters, even Ssentongo has his own frustrations. “I have not worked on my game personally,” said the 6’8 big man that features for Ndejje University.
“As players, there is this laziness in us. We expect the coach to give us everything forgetting that he has only little time. As a player, defence is my strength but I haven’t given myself more time to work on my offence.” Ssentongo’s career took the wrong turn when he started changing clubs eventually losing his place on the national team for more than a year. In just three years, he has turned out for three clubs; Miracles, Falcons and Ndejje University.

“Changing clubs hampered my progress because different coaches have different ideas. And some maybe hard to adjust to,” he reasons. “As a player, one needs that chemistry with teammates but it isn’t easy to build team camaraderie if you keep switching clubs.”

“I should have had a longer stint at Falcons after my return but I got a scholarship at Ndejje and it was hard for me to turn it down,” concludes the 28-year-old.