Thursday August 28 2014

American kickboxer cries foul as fight with Golola hits snag

Golola floors Ronald Mugula during the

Golola floors Ronald Mugula during the ‘Undisputed king of kick boxing’ match in April. The fight between Golola and Abraham lies in balance with the American accusing Golola Productions of disorganisation . PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA.  


The much anticipated fight between Ugandan Moses Golola and American Richard Abraham seems to have hit a snag.
Abraham’s camp is sounding aggrieved with the happenings in the build-up to the rather ill-fated fight.

With the American not here up to now, factoring in that he was supposed to arrive in the country last week, it clearly indicates the fight can't still be on.

Abraham’s camp is accusing Golola Promotions, the show organisers, of "disorganisation and not abiding by the signed contract”.

In an email written by Justin Whiley, the vice president of Wako-USA Kickboxing, to Daily Monitor, Team Abraham is not amused.

“Time is running out and we still don’t have our ticket confirmations,” he writes, “We have made several unsuccessful attempts to get information regarding our accommodation and hotel pick-up but nothing is coming through apart from lies.

“Golola Promotions are being very unfair. Not only have they failed to provide per the stipulations of the contract, they have actually sent us falsified documents,” adds Whiley.

Daily Monitor has further learnt that the two airline confirmations sent by Golola Promotions had not been paid for; the same to the hotel bookings.

“I have extensive international experience both as a coach and promoter but I have never dealt with people who break their ethics. I have never dealt with a group and specifically Moses's manager Bumali Lubega) that has been more disorganized and dishonest.

“We have spent several hundreds of dollars for the necessary shots, medication, and blood work that would allow us to travel. We feel this money is now wasted. Richard has trained very hard and we feel he has been cheated of his chance to fight for a WKF title.

“We want to make sure the truth is made public before Golola's camp starts spreading more lies about what has occurred or not occurred in this case.

When contacted, Golola - who has been undergoing intensive training in Phuket, Thailand - insisted to this reporter that the fight was still on.

The fight was scheduled to take place tomorrow at Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo with the weigh-in slated for today but now postponed to a later date yet to be communicated.