Tuesday August 15 2017

Bombers boosted prior to the Worlds

Bombers receive some of the food items that were donated by Betway.

Bombers receive some of the food items that were donated by Betway. 


Prior to the Aiba World Boxing Championships, the Bombers, Uganda National Boxing team has gained momentum after receiving food relief from their usual sponsors, Betway.
The three boxers in camp on Monday received fruits, eggs, bread and milk which they hope to boost their energy while awaiting the world show piece due on August 25.
Adella Agaba, the spokesperson Betway said: “Betway is to make sure that Bombers get the required treatment which can yield victory hence uplifting the game in Uganda,”
Betway came into the face of Uganda’s boxing this year during African Confederation Boxing Championships preparations and it has upped the boxer’s wellbeing in as far as nutrition and attires are concerned.
The company also sponsored one Tonny Sekabira, UPDF coach for a coaching course from South Africa in July which bettered his coaching techniques. This achievement is one to uplift Ugandan boxing as Sekabira stated, “I learnt more skills concerning boxing from South Africa which am applying in training sessions,”
Three boxers’ welterweight Muzamir Kakande, bantam weight Geoffrey Kaketo and heavyweight David Ayiti are in camp preparing for the Aiba World Boxing Championships.
According to Muzamir Kakande, a gold medalist in Aiba African Confederation Boxing Championship, a qualifier for the worlds, the boxers are in shape for the competitions after thorough training. He said, “We are just waiting for the time to come, coaches have played their part and we are also fit to face our opponents.”