Monday July 14 2014

Kawere calls on government to improve sports facilities

Kampala- Tom Nseremye Kawere, East Africa’s first Commonwealth medal winner and founder of Kampala Boxing Club (KBC) has expressed huge concern towards the current encroachment on sports facilities by individuals and government’s reluctance to intervene.
“I wonder where your children will play from. It is a big shame government is neither interested in erecting new sports facilities nor preserving the existing ones,” the retired civil servant told the press at his home in Rubaga on Friday.

“Sports thrives on fields and that’s why we dedicated our efforts towards the development of sports, unconditionally, but the current state spells sheer doom.”

The date with the 88- year-old icon is part of the fact-finding mission by the KBC executive in a bid to solve the ongoing impasse regarding the alleged sale of the horizontal strip on the fringes of Nakivubo Stadium that houses KBC, Uganda’s oldest and most prominent boxing outfit, to one Bosco Muwonge.

“If there is anything in Kampala that I hate looking at it is Nakivubo (Stadium). It is a complete mess, to say the least,” he said.

Kawere says that if the rate at which sports was flourishing during his years was anything to go by, Uganda by now would be a renowned force on the world stage.

The multi-talented sportsman was good at football, boxing and running and he says he was lucky to have lived a blessed generation where he would express his versatility unlike today when one struggles, in vain, to make a name in just one sport.

Kawere said Nakivubo was a multifaceted sports facility that accommodated soccer, athletics, rugby, motorcycling, netball, boxing, et al.
Each sports discipline had representatives on the board.

“As the face of Ugandan boxing, I led the advent of KBC. That gym was given to us, at no cost, as a government initiative to develop the sport, not by accident.”

Today, the gym that has born and bred a bevy of Uganda’s biggest names including fallen President Idi Amin Dada, is on the verge of extinction, something that breaks Kawere heart.