Mukasa wants to shift club form to national team

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Posted  Sunday, March 31   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

The batsman has been in good nick during the on-going National T20 League with 386 runs for his new club Tornado B.


Opening batsman Roger Mukasa’s class has never been in doubt. The 23-year-old has however been inconsistent in the national colours and yet the team will be banking on him as the primary route for runs at the International Cricket Council (ICC) Division III World Cricket League in Bermuda next month.

Head coach Martin Suji and batting coach Steve Tikolo would like their best batsman to maintain his current club form where he has smacked 59 fours and four sixes for his 386 runs for Tornado B in the National Twenty20 League. “I need to do the same when playing for the national team,” remarked Mukasa. “I am very focused right now.

I play each ball on merit and always look out to score as many runs as I can off every delivery.”
Uganda need to finish among the top two nations in Bermuda.

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