Skipper calls for improved batting

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Posted  Saturday, November 3   2012 at  02:00

In Summary

Cricketers return to national duty this weekend.


As national team players converge at Kyambogo for two trial games this weekend, batting is the biggest area of concern for captain Davis Karashani.

“We are good in most of the departments but batting is the area we have to improve,” Karashani said. The team is regrouping for the ICC World Cricket League Division III tournament due next year in Bermuda.

Under the watchful eyes of coaches Martin Surji and Steve Tikolo, the 18-man squad will play 90 overs today and the same number tomorrow with time spent on the crease and scoring runs as the most important factors.

“Our batsmen need to get used to staying on wicket for longer periods,” Karashani added.
Elsewhere, players who were selected from the Schools’ Cricket Week to the men’s U-19 national side, will have a chance to prove their worth in a trial game at Jinja SS oval today.

This junior side is set to take part in the World Cup qualifiers for the African Region set for May next year.

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